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This - This in short encapsulates the major themes of Death...

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Unformatted text preview: This, in short, encapsulates the major themes of Death Comes for the Archbishop. Note that the cardinals in Rome select Latour specifically for his talent to order: Our Spanish fathers made good martyrs, but the French Jesuits accomplish more. They are the great organizers. . . . Oh, the Germans classify, but the French arrange! The French missionaries have a sense of proportion and rational adjustment. They are always trying to discover the logical relation of things. It is a passion with them. It is these ordering capabilities that Latour brings with him to New Mexico; a territory that is untamed and consists of several different cultures. His first responsibility is to restore the precepts of the Catholic Church to a diocese that has backslid into such disorderly conduct as corrupt and promiscuous priests and such neglected Catholic sacraments as baptism, confirmation, and...
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