Two characteristics emerge in Natty

Two characteristics emerge in Natty - Two characteristics...

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Unformatted text preview: Two characteristics emerge in Natty's trial: the chivalric or medieval ideal, set in the American forest, and the Christian training he has received during his youth. Natty truly stands out as an epic hero of the American tradition, comparable to such legendary figures as Roland during the Middle Ages. Natty is like a knight who, since he has taken the oath of service and devotion, conducts himself generously. The Mingo, for example, cannot fathom such behavior, especially in a white man. Hurry and Tom would certainly not have been so chivalrous; Deerslayer is a sharp contrast to his comrades on this "first warpath." This knightly code is, however, implied rather than directly stated in the chapter; it is the critical interpretation of Cooper's romanticism. Natty's Christianity, however, is clearly indicated by the whole attitude of the hero before and after...
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