When the two girls go to Muskrat Castle

When the two girls go to Muskrat Castle - When the two...

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Unformatted text preview: When the two girls go to Muskrat Castle, they find that Tom Hutter, scalped by the Mingos, is close to death. After confessing that he is not Judith and Hetty's father, Tom Hutter dies and is buried in Glimmerglass, close to the watery grave of his wife, the girls' mother. Deerslayer, released temporarily by the Mingos, appears and announces the terms of surrender from the Indians: Chingachgook is to leave in safety, the three girls are to live with the tribe. The offers are quickly rejected to Deerslayer's joy. Hurry Harry, rejected for the last time by Judith, is taken ashore by Deerslayer with the plea that he should try to reach the garrison of soldiers nearby. Deerslayer and Judith open Tom Hutter's chest on the ark, and letters confirm that he was a pirate. After endeavoring to win Deerslayer's love with her frank admission of love for him, Judith realizes that he...
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