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Unformatted text preview: Anyway, Cooper provides his readers with advance notice of Deerslayer's salvation when he remarks after Judith's gift of Killdeer to the hero: "Killdeer . . . which subsequently became so celebrated in the hands of the individual who was now making a survey of its merits." These ubiquitous clues of Cooper about the coming actions and problems should be very carefully noted. Cooper insists upon the sensitive, ill-defined nature of Hetty's feelings for Hurry Harry which, because of her limited intelligence, are not love and passion. Hetty had observed, before anyone else, Hurry Harry's attraction to Judith, an ironic and tragic reflection of her own tenderness. Cooper's use of Hetty's sensitivities is another romantic idea because the emotions (pity, sorrow, and sympathy) are uppermost in any study of Hetty....
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