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Unformatted text preview: Chingachgook, although he does not appear until Chapter 9, plays an important part in The Deerslayer for two reasons: He represents the Indian counterpart of Natty Bumppo because the basic ideals and codes of the two friends are essentially the same; and he symbolizes the highest qualities of the Indian race, proving thereby the innate worth of the natives of the North American continent. Unlike Rivenoak, however, who is also a "noble savage," Chingachgook accepts friendship with the white men and attempts to live in peace with them. Nevertheless, Chingachgook disagrees often with the beliefs of his white allies, especially Tom Hutter and Hurry Harry. Deerslayer's friend is no subservient ally of the new masters and exploiters of the lands his people have ruled for centuries. Nor is Chingachgook persuaded of the merit and efficacy of the Christian teachings centuries....
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