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Unformatted text preview: Hetty, as Cooper states openly, is really a representational character who forms a link between the highest spiritual aspirations of man and the common lot of errant mankind. She is, for the author, one of the links binding the material and immaterial world. in short, Hetty becomes the symbol of innocence, purity, and literal belief in and acceptance of the Bible; she is an example and a guide to the other characters. Cooper, however, is a realist who seeks a practical and possible mode of conduct in a rapidly evolving world. Hetty's complete innocence cannot cope with the great and small crises of life, and it is therefore significant that she does not survive those few crucial days at the lake. Although Hetty is the conscience and the vision of a better moral life, the enduring quality of nature is man's hope. Glimmerglass bears no scars and no memories of the bloodshed 15 years before. The man's hope....
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