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Hetty has been accidentally wounded during the battle

Hetty has been accidentally wounded during the battle - ,...

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Hetty has been accidentally wounded during the battle, and the surgeon accompanying the troops  announces that she is dying. Judith is humble as she begins to realize her sister's good influence  and counsel. Hetty, surrounded by her friends, talks finally to Hurry Harry and wishes that he would  imitate Deerslayer. She dies peacefully after impressing everyone, including Deerslayer, with her  kindness and sincerity. Meanwhile, Captain Warley explains the circumstances which brought him to Glimmerglass. A  friendly runner first brought the report of a Mingo war party to the garrison; and the troops, meeting  Hurry Harry on the trail, were directed by him to the lake. The soldiers heard the shots fired by  Deerslayer and Chingachgook, which helped the rescue expedition arrive in time.
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