Hurry Harry is finally subdued by the Mingos

Hurry Harry is finally subdued by the Mingos - Hurry Harry...

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Unformatted text preview: Hurry Harry is finally subdued by the Mingos, and they tie him up beyond any apparent hope of escape. Chingachgook and Hist, dismayed by their inability to help the two captives, try to maneuver the ark to the open lake in order to elude capture and to warn the two sisters who are approaching in a canoe. However, the wind and the current are against the ark so that the ship is slowly drawing closer to the castle. On the platform of Muskrat Castle, Hurry Harry sees a chance for escape. He shouts to Chingachgook and Hist on the ark, and they prepare to save him as he rolls toward the ship. Hurry, however, lands in the water and is dragged along with a rope in his teeth and hands as the ark now escapes from Muskrat Castle. Hurry is dragged aboard the ark as it skims the surface of Glimmerglass. Three Mingos pursue the ark in a bark canoe, but they soon realize the impossibility of overtaking the ship and the unfavorable...
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