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Natty - Natty's wonderment(a recurring pattern in his...

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Unformatted text preview: Natty's wonderment (a recurring pattern in his reactions) at Glimmerglass is explained by his feeling and intuition that God has created here a perfect example of natural beauty. It is typical of the romantic writers and painters of the nineteenth century to select an awesome scene of nature and also to choose the dawn or the sunset to further heighten the emotional reactions of the audience. Even at night, though, Glimmerglass provides an uplifting atmosphere for Cooper's hero, and there seems little doubt that Natty's emergence into manhood on this "first warpath" is due in large measure to the surrounding trees, shores, and water of the lake, reflections of the divine presence. However, the code, supported by the love and joy of nature in harmony with God, is challenged by mankind. Men can either live harmoniously and appreciatively with nature (as Natty does), or they mankind....
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