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Natty Bumppo - Natty Bumppo presented at the start of his...

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Unformatted text preview: Natty Bumppo, presented at the start of his illustrious career in The Deerslayer, has been described already in the critical introduction as Cooper's adaptation of the European tradition of the epic hero. Although many of Natty Bumppo's habits resemble those of the medieval knights, so popular in the early nineteenth century from the stories of Sir Walter Scott, the code of the American epic hero is peculiar to the time and circumstances. Deerslayer, for example, is not introduced as an intellectual, erudite, or even educated character. Surprisingly, in terms of a character to be imitated and followed, Natty Bumppo has certain defects: he is unable to read; he mistakes chess pieces for pagan idols; and his language is unpolished. Natty, for instance, will frequently use humorous malapropisms: he is unfamiliar, for instance, with Judith's use of the term "buccaneers," and interprets the word...
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