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Brain Reorganization 10. Explain what brain plasticity reveals about our capacity to recover from injury to the nervous system. Research indicates that neural tissue can reorganize in response to injury or damage. When one brain area is damaged, others may in time take over some of its function. For example, if neurons are destroyed as the result of a minor stroke, nearby neurons may partly compensate by making new connections that replace the lost ones. New evidence reveals that adult humans can also generate new brain cells. Our brains are most plastic when we are young children. In fact, children who have had an entire hemisphere removed still lead normal lives. Describe research on the split brain, and discuss what it reveals regarding normal brain functioning. A split brain is one whose corpus callosum, the wide band of axon fibers that connects the two brain hemispheres, has been severed. Experiments on split-brain patients have refined our knowledge of each hemisphere's special functions. In the laboratory, investigators ask a
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