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CHAPTER 7 DEFINITIONS BRAINSTORMING problem solving strategy where individual/group produce numerous ideas and evaluate them after collected DIVERGENT THINKING thinking outwards using originality being inventive flexible ALSO KNOWN AS LATERAL THINKING CONVERGENT THINKING thinking directed to one correct solution COMPENSATORY MODEL rational decision-making model where choices are systematically evaluated on various criteria NONCOMPENSAT ORY MODEL a decision making model where weakness in one or more criteria are not offset by strengths in other criteria REPRESENTATIV ENESS HEURISTIC a heuristic by which a new situation is judged as basis of resemblance too stereotypical model AVAILABILITY HEURISTIC a heuristic where a judgment or decision is based on
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Unformatted text preview: information that is most easily retrieved from memory CONFIRMATION BIAS tendency to look for evidence in support of a belief and to ignore evidence that would disprove a belief INTELLIGENCE a general term referring to the ability or abilities involved in learning and adaptive behaviour Triarchic Theory Of Intelligence Sternberg's theory that intelligence consists of 3 parts: the componential, the contextual, and the experiential COMPONENTIAL INTELLIGENCE according to Sternberg, the ability to acquire new knowledge, to solve problems effectively EXPERIENTIAL INTELLIGENCE Stenberg term for the ability to adapt creatively in new situations, to use insight...
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