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False Memories - How and Why: A. The Misinformation Effect - an unconscious adoption of later-learned information. We know that our experiences affect memory. ..experiences that occur before, during, and after a memory is formed. Thus, the misinformation effect occurs when information received after a memory has formed influences the way we remember the event. 1) How - it occurs when someone fails to record into memory certain details of an event (remember, we can't process and store ALL pieces of information from an event). Then, when they see or hear another person's account of what occurred, they include these new pieces of information into their own memory. This finding has been demonstrated empirically many times. 2) Children may be especially susceptible to this since they have less sophisticated encoding ability which results in more memory fragments. These fragments leave holes or gaps that are then filled in by experiences (social influences). studies of memories of abuse in children. There was a series of studies a few years ago in which
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