Introduction to psychotherapy

Introduction to psychotherapy - Introduction to...

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Introduction to psychotherapy A. Definition 1. Psychotherapy is a form of treatment for problems of an emotional nature in which a trained person deliberately establishes a professional relationship with a patient for the purpose of removing, modifying, or retarding existing symptoms, of mediating disturbed patterns of behavior, and of promoting positive personality growth and development (Wolberg, 1967). 2. Psychotherapy is a planned activity of the psychologist, the purpose of which is to accomplish changes in the individual that make his/her life adjustments potentially happier, more constructive, or both (Frank, 1982). Treatment efficacy (does it work?) 1. Historically, therapy efficacy was of little interest until the 1950's a. Freud rejected outcome research (problems too heterogeneous -- "apples vs oranges") b. Freud and contempories relied on case-studies to illustrate techniques 2. Hans Eysenck’s 1952 bombshell a. Methodology 1. Considered outcome data for more than 7000 neurotic patients 2. Examined 5 sets of psychoanalytic groups and 14 “eclectic” groups b. Findings 1. Spontaneous recovery rate =72% 2. Psychoanalytic recovery rate=44% 3. Eclectic recovery rate= 62% c. But Eysenck's study met much criticism 1. Apples and oranges 2. No control groups 3. Outcome criteria differences (when criteria restructured and data renalyzed:) a. Spontaneous remission =30% b. Psychoanalytic = 83% and eclectic = 65%
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Introduction to psychotherapy - Introduction to...

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