LEARNIN1 - LEARNING-DEFINITIONS (Chapter 5) process by...

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LEARNING-DEFINITIONS (Chapter 5) LEARNING process by which experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behaviour or potential behaviour STIMULUS; any event or object in the environment to which an organism responds; plural is stimuli CLASSICAL CONDITIONING type of learning in which a response naturally elicited by one stimulus comes to be elicited by a different formerly neutral stimulus UNCONDITIONED STIMULUS (US) stimulus that invariably causes an organism to respond in a specific way without prior learning UNCONDITIONED RESPONSE (UR) response that takes place in organism whenever an unconditioned stimulus occurs without prior learning CONDITIONED STIMULUS (CS) an originally neutral stimulus that is paired with an unconditioned stimulus and eventually produces the desired response in an organism when presented alone CONDITIONED RESPONSE (CR): after conditioning, the response an organism produces when a conditioned stimulus is presented DESENSITIZATION THERAPY: conditioning technique designed to gradually reduce anxiety about particular object or situation EXTINCTION: The weakening and often eventual disappearance of a learned response ( in classical conditioning, the conditioned response (CR) is weakened by repeated presentation without the unconditioned stimulus (US) SPONTANEOUS RECOVERY: The reappearance of an extinguished response (in a weaker form) when an organism is exposed to the original conditioned stimulus following a rest period PREPAREDNESS: biological readiness to learn certain associations because of survival advantages (suggested by Seligman) GENERALIZATION : in classical conditioning, the tendency to make a conditioned response to a stimulus that is similar to the original conditioned stimulus; in operant conditioning the tendency to make the learned response to a stimulus that is similar to the one for which it was originally reinforced DISCRIMINATION:
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LEARNIN1 - LEARNING-DEFINITIONS (Chapter 5) process by...

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