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LINEAR PERSPECTIVE monocular cue to distance and depth based on fact that two parallel lines seem to come together in horizon AERIAL PERSPECTIVE: monocular cue to distance and depth based on fact that more distant objects are likely to appear hazy and blurred ELEVATION monocular cue to distance and depth based on fact that the higher on horizontal plane as object is, the farther away it appears TEXTURE GRADIENT monocular cue to distance and depth based on the fact that objects seen at greater distances appear to be smoother and less textured SHADOWING monocular cue to distance and depth based on fact that shadows often appear on the parts of objects that are more distant MOTION PARALLAX monocular cue where objects closer than the point of visual focus seem to move in the direction opposite to the viewer's moving head and objects beyond the focus point appear to over in the same direction as the
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Unformatted text preview: viewerÕs head BINOCULAR CUES: visual cues requiring both eyes STEREOSCOPIC VISION combination of two retinal images to give a three dimensional perceptual experience RETINAL DISPARITY binocular distance cue based on the difference between the images cast on the two retinas when both eyes are focused on the same object CONVERGENCE a visual depth cue that comes from muscles controlling eye movement as the eyes turn inward to view a nearby stimulus MONAURAL cue to sound location that requires just one ear BINAURAL cue to sound location that involves both ears together AUTOKINETIC ILLUSION the perception that a stationary object is actually moving STROBOSCOPIC MOTION apparent movement results from flashing a series of still pictures rapidly, as in motion picture PHI PHENOMENON apparent movement caused by flashing lights in sequence as on theatre marquee/neon light...
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