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Managerial Psychology 1. Behavior modeling A method of training that mkes use of imitative learning and reinforcement to modify human behavior. 2. Behavioral criteria A standard for judging the effectiveness of training that refers to the new behaviors that are exhibited on the job as a result of training. 3. Business games A method of training that simulates a business environment with specific objectives to achieve and rules for trainees to follow. 4. Computer-based training A method of training that utilizes computer technology (such as CD-ROM) to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and skills. 5. Cultural diversity training A method of training directed at improving interpersonal sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences among employees. 6. Declarative knowledge A body of knowledge about facts and things. Often compared with procedural
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge. 7. Executive coaching An individualized developmental process for business leaders provided by a trained professional (the coach). 8. Hostile environment sexual harassment A legal classification of sexual harassment in which individuals regard conditions in the workplace (such as unwanted touching or off-color jokes) as offensive. Often compared with quid pro quo sexual harassment. 9. Intelligent tutoring systems A sophisticated type of computer-based training that uses artificial intelligence to customize learning to the individual. 10. Interactive multimedia training A type of computer-based training that combines visual and auditory information to create a realistic but nonthreatening environment....
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