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PERCEPTION  -deciphering meaningful patterns in complex sensory information is perception Perception The process by which sensory information is actively organized and interpreted by the brain PERCEPTUAL ORGANIZATION  Gestalt Psychologists  set out to discover principles through which we interpret  sensory info  Figures:  are what we attend to example red chair in white room  Ground : is what is in background not attended to-white room -figures/ground can also  apply to other senses-e.g. listening to violin in orchestra- a single voice in noisy room  -sometimes there are not enough cues to distinguish figure -when told you may see it-  principle behind camouflage -sometimes one thing can be perceived two ways--visual  -we try to fill in blanks to make meaning Figure-ground A principle of perceptual organization where the visual field is perceived in terms of an object (figure) standing out against a
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