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Perceptual Interpretation - Perceptual Interpretation 15....

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Perceptual Interpretation 15. Describe the debate over the role of nature and nurture in perception, and discuss what research findings on sensory deprivation and restored vision have contributed to this debate. In the classic version of the nature-nurture debate, the German philosopher Immanuel Kant maintained that knowledge comes from our innate ways of organizing sensory experiences.On the other side, the British philosopher John Locke argued that we learn to perceive the world through our experiences of it. It's now clear that different aspects of perception depend more or less on nature's endowments and on the experiences that influence what we make of our sensations. For many species, infancy is a critical period during which experience must activate the brain's innate visual mechanisms. When cataracts are removed from adults who have been blind from birth, these people remain unable to perceive the world normally. Generally, they can distinguish figure from ground and perceive colors, but they are
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Perceptual Interpretation - Perceptual Interpretation 15....

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