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Perceptual Organization - Perceptual Organization 11....

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Perceptual Organization 11. Discuss Gestalt psychology's contribution to our understanding of perception. Gestalt psychologists described principles by which we organize our sensations into perceptions. They provided many compelling demonstrations of how, given a cluster of sensations, the human perceiver organizes them into a gestalt, a German word meaning a "form" or a "whole." They further demonstrated that the whole may differ from the sum of its parts. Clearly, our brains do more than merely register information about the world. We are always filtering sensory information and inferring perceptions in ways that make sense to us. 12. Explain the figure-ground relationship, and identify principles of perceptual grouping in form perception. Our first task in perception is to perceive any object, called the figure, as distinct from its surroundings, called the ground. We must also organize the figure into a meaningful form. Gestalt principles for grouping that describe this process include proximity (we
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Perceptual Organization - Perceptual Organization 11....

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