Personality Chapter 10

Personality Chapter 10 - Personality Chapter 10 Definitions...

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Personality Chapter 10 Definitions PERSONALITY an individual's unique pattern of thoughts, feelings,and behaviours that persists over time across situations PSYCHODYNAMIC THEORIES behaviour results from psychological dynamics that interact within the individual often outside awareness UNCONSCIOUS in Freud, all the ideas, thoughts and feelings of which we are not and normally cannot become aware of PSYCHOANALYSIS theory developed by Freud as well as the form of therapy he invented ID the collection of unconscious urges and desires that continually seek expression-the pleasure principle-as instinct arises Id seeks to satisfy (FREUD) PLEASURE PRINCIPLE the way ID seeks immediate gratification of an instinct (FREUD) EGO part of personality that mediates between environmental demands (reality), conscience (superego) and instinctual needs (ID), now often used as synonym for self (FREUD) REALITY PRINCIPLE the way ego seeks to satisfy instinctual demands safely and effectively in real world (FREUD) SUPEREGO the social and parental standards the individual has internalized; the conscience and ego ideal (FREUD) EGO IDEAL the part of superego that consists of standards of what one wants to be (perfection) (FREUD) LIBIDO the energy generated by the sexual instinct (FREUD) FREUD'S STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT ORAL, ANAL, PHALLIC,,LATENCY, GENITAL ORAL STAGE first stage during first 18 months-infants erotic feelings centre on
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Personality Chapter 10 - Personality Chapter 10 Definitions...

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