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Promoting Health 15. Identify and discuss different strategies for coping with stress, and explain why people should be skeptical about the value of alternative medicine. Studies suggest that aerobic exercise can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Although the degree of mind control over the body that can be gained through biofeedback has fallen short of early expectations, it sometimes helps people control tension headaches and high blood pressure. Simple relaxation exercises offer some of the same benefits. Counseling Type A heart attack victims to slow down and relax has helped them lower their rate of recurring attacks. Social support also helps people cope, partly by buffering the impact of stress. Researchers are now trying to understand the active components of
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Unformatted text preview: the religion-health connection. Complementary and alternative medicine practices are bound to seem effective, whether or not they are. People are likely to employ them when they are ill and, although they may seem to produce improvement, the return to health may merely reflect the body's natural regression to normal. Alternative medicine may seem especially effective with cyclical diseases as people seek therapy during the ensuing upturn. The placebo effect as well as the spontaneous remission of many diseases may also contribute to a treatment's perceived effectiveness. The actual effectiveness of alternative medicine needs to be established....
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