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PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS --CHAPTER 12 TERM DEFINITION PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER when behaviour is either maladaptive for life functioning or when it causes personal discomfort or both BIOLOGICAL MODEL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS: psychological disorders have biochemical/physiological basis PSYCHOANALYTICAL MODEL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS: psychological disorder result of unconscious internal conflicts COGNITIVE- BEHAVIOURAL MODEL of psychological disorders: psychological disorders result from learning maladaptive ways of thinking and behaving DIATHESIS-STRESS MODEL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS: people biologically predisposed to a mental disorder ( those with a diathesis) will tend to exhibit that disorder when particularly affected by stress DIATHESIS: biological predisposition SYSTEMS APPROACH TO PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS: biological, psychological and social risk factors combine to produce psychological disorders. Also know as the biopsychosocial model of psychological disorders Diagnostic and Statistical
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