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Research Methods Why Are Research Methods Important? Science, at a basic level attempts to answer questions (such as "why are we aggressive) through careful observation and collection of data. These answers can then (at a more complex or higher level) be used to further our knowledge of us and our world, as well as help us predict subsequent events and behavior. But, this requires a systematic/universal way of collecting and understanding data -- otherwise there is chaos. At a Practical level, methodology helps US understand and evaluate the merit of all the information we're confronted with everyday. For example, do you believe in the following studies? 1) study indicated that the life span of left-handed people is significantly shorter than those who
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Unformatted text preview: are right hand dominant. 2) study demonstrated a link between smoking and poor grades. There are many aspects of these studies that are necessary before one can evaluate the validity of the results. However, most people do not bother to find out the details (which are the keys to understanding the studies) but only pay attention to the findings, even if the findings are completely erroneous. They are also practical in the work place: 1) Mental Health Profession - relies on research to develop new therapies, and learn which therapies are appropriate and effective for different types of problems and people. 2) Business World - marketing strategies, hiring, employee productivity, etc....
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