Sensory Memory

Sensory Memory - • holding image in mind the icon quickly...

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Sensory Memory: Images, Echoes holds images for fraction of second, sounds 2 seconds ( movie is a series of  stills) info held long enough to process, can hold vast amount, but only briefly George SPERLING  (1960)  demonstrated how quickly info disappears from visual register  flashed groups of letters organized in 3 rows for a few seconds. Then tone told  subjects which row to recall high tone top row, medium tone -middle row, low  tone- bottom row  Finding: if he sounded it immediately after flash of letters, subjects could recall 3- 4 letters in any of three rows (they had at least 9 of 12 in visual)  if he waited 1 sec all but 4-5 gone  VISUAL AND AUDITORY REGISTERS   What would happen if auditory info faded as fast as visual information? e.g. flash  camera picture in darkened room in split sec visual register takes in vast amount of info
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Unformatted text preview: • holding image in mind the icon quickly disappears • compare- visual register took in far more than able to retain for few seconds Visual register • info may disappear even faster-process involved "masking" • info in visual erased in 1/4 sec and replaced by new info • Auditory info fades more slowly than visual • auditory equivalent of icon is echo-lasts several seconds example stress on words in sentence : YOU did it. You DID it. Short Term Memory:Short, and Small Capacity Displacement: event that occurs when short-term memory is holding its maximum and each new item entering short-term memory pushes out an existing item Rehearsal: The act of purposely repeating information to maintain it in short-term memory or to transfer it to long-term memory...
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