Sexual Motivation

Sexual Motivation - Sexual Motivation 1. Describe how...

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Sexual Motivation 1. Describe how researchers have attempted to assess common sexual practices. Researchers such as Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues have attempted to assess sexual practices through confidential interviews and surveys. The findings of Kinsey and others have shown wide variations in "normal" sexual behavior around the world. Recent surveys of randomly sampled U.S. married adults find that 84 percent claim to have had sex only with their spouse during their present marriage. Disapproval of extramarital sex runs as high as ever among adult Americans. 2. Describe the human sexual response cycle, and discuss the impact of both hormones and psychological factors on sexual motivation. The human sexual response cycle normally follows a pattern of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, followed in males by a refractory period, during which renewed arousal and orgasm are not possible. In nonhuman animals, hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, help stimulate sexual activity. In humans, they influence sexual behaviors more loosely, especially once sufficient hormone levels are present. External stimuli, such as sexually explicit materials, can trigger arousal in both men and
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Sexual Motivation - Sexual Motivation 1. Describe how...

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