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SIGHT - SIGHT/VISION A the visual system works on sensing...

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SIGHT/VISION A) the visual system works on sensing and perceiving light waves. Light waves vary in their length and amplitude: a) wave length (also referred to as frequency, since the longer a wave, the less often/quickly it occurs) - affects color perception (ex., red=approx 700, yellow approx 600) b) wave amplitude (this is the size/height of the wave) - affects brightness perception. B) Structure of The EYE: 1) Cornea - the round, transparent area that allows light to pass into the eye. 2) Lens - the transparent structure that focuses light onto the retina. 3) Retina - inner membrane of the eye that receives information about light using rods and cones. The functioning of the retina is similar to the spinal cord - both act as a highway for information to travel on. 4) Pupil - opening at the center of the iris which controls the amount of light entering the eye. Dilates and Constricts. 5) Rods & Cones - many more rods (approximately 120 million) than cones (approx 6.4 million).
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