Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders - SleepDisorders...

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Sleep Disorders Parasomnias-Unusual Behaviours during sleep Parasomnias: Sleep disturbances where behaviours and physiological states that normally occur only during the waking state take place during sleep or the transition from sleep to wakefulness Somnambulism: Sleepwalking that occurs during partial arousal from stage 4 sleep Sleep terror: A sleep disturbance where a person partially awakens from stage 4 sleep with a scream, in a dazed, groggy, racing heart, panicky state Nightmare: a frightening dream occurring during REM Sleeptalking: can occur during any stage often stage 1 or 2 MAJOR SLEEP DISORDERS: Narcolepsy: a serious sleep disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden uncontrollable attacks of REM sleep usually 10-20 minutes-usually has triggers Sleep apnea: a sleep disorder characterized by periods when breathing stops during sleep and person must awaken briefly to breathe; major symptoms are excessive daytime sleepiness and loud snoring Insomnia:
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Sleep Disorders - SleepDisorders...

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