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Social Relations - Social Relations 1. Describe the social,...

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Social Relations 1. Describe the social, emotional, and cognitive factors that contribute to the persistence of cultural, ethnic, and gender prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice is a mixture of beliefs (often overgeneralized and called stereotypes), emotions, and predispositions to action. It often arises as those who enjoy social and economic superiority attempt to justify the status quo. Even the temporary assignment of people to groups defining "us" (the ingroup) versus "them" (the outgroup) can cause an ingroup bias. Once established, the inertia of social influence can help maintain prejudice. Scapegoat theory suggests that outgroups provide a handy emotional outlet for anger caused by frustration. Despised outgroups can also boost ingroup members' self-esteem. Stereotyped beliefs are a by-product of how we cognitively simplify the world. Vivid cases, being readily available to memory, also influence our judgments of a group. Finally, impartial observers may blame victims by assuming the world is just and that people, therefore, get what they deserve and deserve what they get (called the just-world phenomenon). 2. Describe the impact of biological factors, aversive events, and learning experiences on aggressive behavior. Although psychologists dismiss the idea that aggression is instinctual, there is ample evidence that it is genetically and biochemically influenced. Furthermore, certain areas of the brain, when stimulated, activate or inhibit aggression. A variety of aversive events,
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Social Relations - Social Relations 1. Describe the social,...

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