States of Consciousness

States of Consciousness - StatesofConsciousness

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States of Consciousness  Generally psychologists divide consciousness into 2 areas  1. waking consciousness or conscious awareness 2. altered state of consciousness ASC  Consciousness: The continuous stream of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, or sensations of which we are aware from moment to moment Altered state of consciousness: A mental state other than the ordinary waking consciousness, such as sleep, meditation, hypnosis or a drug-induced state Circadian Rhythms: 24 hour Clock The Biological Clock -most body functions sleep/wake,body temp, blood pressure vary  predictably over day -these rhythms are our biological clock  Hormones epinephrine-causes body to go on alert peaks in late morning and declines to  midnight where it drops off  melatonin-level surge at night and drop off during day -we rarely notice circadian rhythm  until disturbed --fly distance-jet lag shift worker-result may be weight loss -irritability  -insomnia  - more than 100 of our body functions and behaviours fluctuate in 24 hour  cycles, called Circadian Rhythms and are controlled by the brain: blood pressure,heart  rate, appetite,digestive enzymes, sensory acuity, elimination, response to medication,  learning ebb and flow, mood Circadian Rhythms: Within each 24 hour period, the regular fluctuation from high to low points of certain body functions examples: Normal body temperature can range between low of 36.1C between 4-5 am  to a high of 37C between 5-8 pm -we sleep best when body temperature is low and are most alert when temperature is  higher -attention/alertness decreases between 2-5 pm and between 2 am and 7 am
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States of Consciousness - StatesofConsciousness

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