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TERM - FOVEA area of retina that is centre of visual field...

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TERM DEFINITION SENSATION: The experience of sensory stimulation RECEPTOR CELL: a specialized cell that responds to a particular type of energy PERCEPTION: the process of creating meaningful patterns from raw sensory information ABSOLUTE THRESHOLD the least amount of energy that can be detected as a stimulation 50% of the time ADAPTATION: adjustment of the senses to the level of stimulation they are receiving DIFFERENCE THRESHOLD-JUST NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE (JND) smallest change in stimulation detected 50% of the time WEBER'S LAW: the JND for any given sense is a constant fraction or proportion of the stimulation being judged CORNEA: transparent protective coating over front of eye PUPIL: small opening in iris through which light enters IRIS: coloured part of eye LENS: transparent part of eye inside pupil that focuses light onto retina RETINA: lining of eye containing receptor cells sensitive to light
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Unformatted text preview: FOVEA: area of retina that is centre of visual field RODS: receptor cells in retina responsible for night vision and perception of brightness- best low light CONES: receptor cells in retina responsible for colour vision (less sensitive to light) best in bright light -concentrated in fovea BIPOLAR CELLS: neurons that have only one axon and one dendrite; in the eye these neurons connect the receptors on the retina to the ganglion cell VISUAL ACUITY: ability to distinguish fine details visually DARK ADAPTATION: increased sensitivity of cones and rods in darkness LIGHT ADAPTATION: Decreased sensitivity of cones and rods in bright light AFTERIMAGE: sense experience that occurs after visual stimulus has been removed GANGLION CELLS: neurons that connect bipolar cells in eyes to the brain OPTIC NERVE: bundle of axons of ganglion cells that carries neural messages from each eye to brain...
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