The Nervous System

The Nervous System - our skeletal muscles. The autonomic...

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The Nervous System 4. Identify the major divisions of the nervous system, and describe their functions, noting the three types of neurons that transmit information through the system. Neurons communicating with other neurons form our body's primary system, the nervous system. The brain and spinal cord form the central nervous system (CNS). The peripheral nervous system (PNS) links the central nervous system with the body's sense receptors, muscles, and glands. The sensory and motor neurons carrying this information are bundled into the electrical cables we know as nerves. Sensory neurons send information from the body's tissues and sensory organs inward to the brain and spinal cord. Interneurons of the brain and spinal cord process the information. Motor neurons carry outgoing information from the central nervous system to the body's tissues. The somatic nervous system of the peripheral nervous system controls the movements of
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Unformatted text preview: our skeletal muscles. The autonomic nervous system of the peripheral nervous system is a dual self-regulating system that influences the glands and muscles of our internal organs. The sympathetic nervous system arouses; the parasympathetic nervous system calms. Reflexes, our automatic responses to stimuli, illustrate the spinal cord's work. A simple reflex pathway is composed of a single sensory neuron and a single motor neuron, which often communicate through an interneuron. For example, when our fingers touch a hot stove, information from the skin receptors travels inward via a sensory neuron to a spinal cord interneuron, which sends a signal outward to the arm muscles via a motor neuron. Because this reflex involves only the spinal cord, we jerk our hand away before the brain creates an experience of pain....
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