Therapies - Therapies Chapter 13 Definitions TERM...

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Therapies - Chapter 13 - Definitions TERM DEFINITION INSIGHT THERAPIES a variety of individual psychotherapies designed to give people a better awareness and understanding of their feelings, motivations and actions in hope that this will help their adjustment PSYCHOTHERAPY: the use of psychological techniques to treat personality disorders PSYCHOANALYSIS: The theory of personality Freud developed as well as the form of therapy he invented FREE ASSOCIATION: a psychoanalytical technique that encourages the patient to talk without inhibition about whatever thoughts or fantasies come to mind TRANSFERENCE: the patient carries over to analyst feelings held toward authority figures INSIGHT: awareness of previously unconscious feelings and memories and how they influence present feelings and behaviour CLIENT-CENTRED (PERSON- CENTRED) THERAPY: Carl Roger's non directional form of therapy calling for unconditional positive regard of the client with the goal of helping the client to become fully functioning GESTALT THERAPY: an insight therapy emphasizing wholeness of personality and attempt to reawaken people to their emotions and sensations in here and now. SHORT-TERM
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Therapies - Therapies Chapter 13 Definitions TERM...

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