Therapy - Therapy Anyone who has tried to help a friend,...

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Therapy Anyone who has tried to help a friend, family member, or anyone in need has played the role of therapist. Does this mean that anyone can be a "therapist" or that we ARE all "therapists"? No, it means that we understand, at least at a very basic level, the underlying premise of being a therapist. Trained, qualified therapists, however, have some advantages since they learn precisely how to help those in need. In addition, there is not one type of therapeutic approach that is appropriate for all situations; there are many different types of therapies, therapeutic styles, theoretical perspectives, etc. that go into therapy, and a trained therapist should know many different styles and which is appropriate for which situation. We will look at several of these as we explore the topic of psychotherapy. Introduction Not so long ago, it was believed that demons or possession were the causes of psychological dysfunction. This perspective held for centuries, and there are still those whose understanding and beliefs of mental illness are founded in these archaic views. Others took this perspective one step further, believing that people became mentally ill as a result of sins they committed or from witchcraft. The early forms of mental facilities were basically prisons, in which patients/prisoners were restrained with chains, restraint jackets, and padded cells. It seems that the idea was not to cure these sick people, but to confine them and keep them out of the public eye. However, in 1905 it was discovered that General Paresis was caused by a physical infection (syphilis), rather than by witchcraft or demonic possession. This finding gave rise to the belief that mental illness was more like physical illness in the sense that there were organic causes. 1940s began the era of utilizing drugs for treatment of mental illness. These drugs were
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Therapy - Therapy Anyone who has tried to help a friend,...

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