VISION - VISION isamostimportanthumansense,sostudiedmost

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VISION -is a most important human sense, so studied most  The Visual System -light enters eye through cornea next light passes through pupil  Cornea The transparent covering of the coloured part of the eye that bends light rays inward through the pupil -bright light muscles of iris contract pupils to protect eye -also helps see in bright light-dim light open pupil  -light moves from pupil through lens which focuses it on retina  Lens The transparent structure behind the iris that changes in shape as it focuses images on the retina Retina The tissue at the back of the eye that contains the rods and cones and onto which the retinal image is projected -light sensitive inner lining is retina  -to focus on close object muscles contract and make lens rounder --called  accommodation -to focus far muscles flatten the lens Accommodation The changing in shape of the lens as it focuses on the retina; it becomes more spherical for near objects and flatter for far objects Rods The light-sensitive receptors in the retina that provide vision in dim light in black, white and shades of grey Cone s The receptor cells in the retina that enable us to see colour and fine detail in adequate light, but that do not function in dim light -directly behind lens is depressed area called fovea Fovea small area of retina that provides the clearest and sharpest vision because it
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VISION - VISION isamostimportanthumansense,sostudiedmost

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