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COMPUTER HARDWARE computers consist of several different hardware components Central processing unit (CPU) the central processing unit is the essential component of a computer because it is the part that executes the programs and controls the operation of all the hardware o powerful computers may have several processors handling different tasks, although there will need to be one central processing unit controlling the flow of instructions and data through the subsidiary processors the CPUs of PCs are based on a series of processors or "chips" from Intel o "PC" models use the 8088 (8 bit) o "AT" models use the 80286 (8/16 bits) o current high powered machines use the 80386 (full 16 bits) and 80486 the Macintosh CPUs are based on the 68000 series of chips from Motorola Memory memory stores input for and output from the CPU as well as the instructions that are followed by the CPU the amount stored is measured in bits, bytes, Kbytes (K, Kb, 103 bytes), Megabytes (Mb,
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