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CONTRIBUTING DISCIPLINES AND TECHNOLOGIES GIS is a convergence of technological fields and traditional disciplines GIS has been called an "enabling technology" because of the potential it offers for the wide variety of disciplines which must deal with spatial data each related field provides some of the techniques which make up GIS o many of these related fields emphasize data collection - GIS brings them together by emphasizing integration, modeling and analysis as the integrating field, GIS often claims to be the science of spatial information Geography broadly concerned with understanding the world and man's place in it
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Unformatted text preview: • long tradition in spatial analysis • provides techniques for conducting spatial analysis and a spatial perspective on research Cartography • concerned with the display of spatial information • currently the main source of input data for GIS is maps • provides long tradition in the design of maps which is an important form of output from GIS • computer cartography (also called "digital cartography", "automated cartography") provides methods for digital representation and manipulation of cartographic features and methods of visualization...
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