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Market value of GIS Fortune Magazine, April 24, 1989 published a major, general-interest article on the significance of GIS to business: GIS is described as a geographical equivalent of a spreadsheet, i.e. allows answers to "what if" questions with spatial dimensions an example of the value of GIS given in the article is the Potlatch Corporation, Idaho o controls 600,000 ac of timberland in Idaho - 4,900 separate timber stands o old method of inventory using hand-drawn maps meant that inventory was "hopelessly out of date" o $180,000/year now being spent on GIS-based inventory "a bargain" o GIS "gives Potlatch up-to-the-minute information on the status of timber. ... A forest manager sitting at a terminal can check land ownership changes in a few
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Unformatted text preview: minutes by zooming in on a map" o $650,000 on hardware and software produces more than 27% annual return on investment • GIS market o Dataquest projected a market of $288 million in 1988, $590 million in 1992 for GIS, growing at 35% per year o ESRI of Redlands, CA, developers of ARC/INFO, had 350 employees and sales of $40 million in 1988 and a reported 42% increase in sales in 1989 o Intergraph had 1988 sales of $800 million in a more diverse but GIS-dominated market o the 1989 edition of GIS Sourcebook listed over 60 different "GIS" programs (though not all of these have complete GIS functionality) and over 100 GIS consultants (US)...
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