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What is a GIS? a particular form of Information System applied to geographical data a System is a group of connected entities and activities which interact for a common purpose o a car is a system in which all the components operate together to provide transportation an Information System is a set of processes, executed on raw data, to produce information which will be useful in decision-making o a chain of steps leads from observation and collection of data through analysis o an information system must have a full range of functions to achieve its purpose, including observation, measurement, description, explanation, forecasting, decision-making a Geographic Information System uses geographically referenced data as well as non- spatial data and includes operations which support spatial analysis
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Unformatted text preview: o in GIS, the common purpose is decision-making, for managing use of land, resources, transportation, retailing, oceans or any spatially distributed entities o the connection between the elements of the system is geography, e.g. location, proximity, spatial distribution • in this context GIS can be seen as a system of hardware, software and procedures designed to support the capture, management, manipulation, analysis, modeling and display of spatially-referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems o although many other computer programs can use spatial data (e.g. AutoCAD and statistics packages), GISs include the additional ability to perform spatial operations...
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