Why is GIS important

Why is GIS important - o these connections are often...

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Why is GIS important? "GIS technology is to geographical analysis what the microscope, the telescope, and computers have been to other sciences. ... (It) could therefore be the catalyst needed to dissolve the regional-systematic and human- physical dichotomies that have long plagued geography" and other disciplines which use spatial information.1 GIS integrates spatial and other kinds of information within a single system - it offers a consistent framework for analyzing geographical data by putting maps and other kinds of spatial information into digital form, GIS allows us to manipulate and display geographical knowledge in new and exciting ways GIS makes connections between activities based on geographic proximity o looking at data geographically can often suggest new insights, explanations
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Unformatted text preview: o these connections are often unrecognized without GIS, but can be vital to understanding and managing activities and resources o e.g. we can link toxic waste records with school locations through geographic proximity • GIS allows access to administrative records - property ownership, tax files, utility cables and pipes - via their geographical positions Why is GIS so hot? • high level of interest in new developments in computing • GIS gives a "high tech" feel to geographic information • maps are fascinating and so are maps in computers • there is increasing interest in geography and geographic education • GIS is an important tool in understanding and managing the environment...
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