Bold Research on Gender

Bold Research on Gender - Bold Research on Gender Meads...

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Bold Research on Gender Mead’s work entitled, Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies (1935) became a major seminal work in the womens liberation movement and thereby in the redefinition of women in many Western Societies. Her observations of gender in three tribes: Arapesh, Mundugamor, and Tchambuli created a national discussion which lead many to reconsider the established Sex- Gender assumption. In these tribes she found the following: Arapesh: both men and women displayed what we typically call feminine traits: sensitivity, cooperation, and low levels of aggression Mundugamor: both men and women were: insensitive, uncooperative, and very aggressive. These were typical masculine traits at the time. Tchambuli: women were aggressive, rational and capable and were also socially dominant. Men were passive assuming artistic and leisure roles. Why then, Mead argued, if our reproductive roles determined our cultural and social opportunities were the gender definitions varied and unique among less civilized peoples? Were we not less civilized ourselves at one point in history and have we not progressed on a similar path the tribal people take? Could it be that tradition (culture) was the stronger social force rather than biology? Mead’s work and her public influence helped to establish the belief that biology is only a part of the Sex and Gender question (albeit an important part). Mead
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Bold Research on Gender - Bold Research on Gender Meads...

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