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Collective Behaviors - Collective Behaviors What Are...

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Collective Behaviors What Are Collective Behaviors? Imagine a football game where the teams never huddled before each play. That’s the way things were in college football until a bright Gallaudet quarterback noticed that the other teams were trying to spy on their sign language signals. Thus, in the late 1800s the circular football huddle was born (read Gallaudet on Wikipedia, 2008). Gallaudet is a national historic treasure in the culture and development of education for the Deaf and in progress toward the Americans with Disabilities Act. Gallaudet University began as a federal effort to support the development and education of Deaf persons. It has progressed and grown in many ways as a subculture group that coexisted within, but not always a part of the mainstream culture. There have been some fascinating collective behaviors transpire at Gallaudet which can help you to better understand how and why large numbers of people accomplish their goals in society. In 1988, Gallaudet experienced a Deaf civil rights process that forever shaped the campus culture and the self-identity of its student body and the Deaf throughout the country. When another president, in a long string of hearing presidents was appointed by the mostly hearing Board of Trustees, the campus collectively expressed their discontent in what eventually came to be known as the Deaf President Now Movement. The outcome was the eventual appointment of a deaf president and the expectation of consideration of the deaf community’s interest in their own self-governance In 2005-6, a new President, Dr. Jane K. Fernandez was appointed president. Fernandez was born Deaf. She was born to a deaf mother and hearing father. Most deaf children are born to hearing
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Collective Behaviors - Collective Behaviors What Are...

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