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Unformatted text preview: I. social stratification: way rank large groups people into hierarchy accord to relative privileges A. every society stratifies its members: some have greater inequality than others II. slavery: > common in agricult societies; least common among nomads (esp. hunter/gathers) A. causes: based on 3 factors: 1. debt: in some cultures, creditors would enslave people who could not pay their debt 2. crime: instead of being killed, a murderer/thief might be enslaved by victim’s family 3. war: when one group conquered another, often enslaved some of the vanquished a. women: were the first people enslaved through warfare: valued for sex, reprod, labor B. trans-Atlantic slave trade: profit fuels transfer of unfree labor from Africa to New World 1. profit: also underlies why states passed laws making slavery inheritable; ideology justifies C. slavery today:Sudan/Mauritania/Ivory Coast;not until 1980s illegal in first two,but continues 1. children Dinka tribe in rural Sudan: work, don’t go school; parents dep on them tend cattle1....
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