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I. Stereotypes: Mark synder (1993) shows that stereotypes are self-fulfilling A. experiment: fem snapshots given to college men; told meet after tel conversation 1. attractive fem: said expected meet poised, humorous, outgoing woman a. affects behavior: men warm/friendly/humorous in conversation; so were fems 2. unattractive fem: men said expected meet awkward, serious, unsociable woman a. behavior: cold, reserved, humorless; so woman became cold, reserved, humorless 3. oth result phys attractive:make>$; adv firms with >attractive people have >revenue a. reason: people > willing to associate w/ those find attractive II. Personal Space: 1. Intimate distance:18”for lovemaking, comforting protecing, wrestling,intimate touch 2. Personal distance: 18”-4’: for friends/acquaintances; ordinary conversations 3. Social distance:4’-12’:impersonal or formal relationships—e.g. job interviews 4. Public dist: >12 ft: marks >formal relationships/sep dignitaries/speakers from public
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