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I20 - I Culture lang beliefs,values,norms,behavior,mat...

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I. Culture: lang, beliefs,values,norms,behavior,mat objects, etc. passed from 1 gen to next A.material cult:e.g., jewelry, art,bldgs,weapons,machines,hairstyles,clothing;not natural B. nonmat cult: group’s ways thinking(beliefs,values)/doing(pat of behav:lang,gestures) 1. examples: North African assumptions @ crowding to buy ticket/staring in public 2. no custom right: people simply become comfortable with customs learned as child C. assume normal/natural: @follow w/o ques: Linton (‘36): Last thing fish notice H20 D. culture within us: learned/shared ways of believing/doing penetrate us at early age E. lens: thru which we perceive/eval what going on—eg staring, hygiene, use space F. culture shock: disorient when nonmaterial culture fails/not make sense out of wld G. ethnocentrism: tendency to use own group’s way do things as yardstick judge others 1. positive:creates ingroup loyalties; negative:discrim against those whose ways differ H. tells us “ought to do”: implicit instructions/provides us basis for decision-making
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