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I. The Sociological Perspective (or imagination): how groups (society) influence people A. society: group of people who share a culture and a territory B. look at social location: e.g. how jobs, inc, educ, sex, age, race affect behavior/ideas C. C. Wright Mills (1959): allows us to grasp connection b/ history and biography 1. history: each society located in broad stream events, generating ideas/proper roles 2. biography: how individual’s specific experiences (not instincts) central to thinking II. Origins of Sociology: not superstition/myth, but science (theory tested by sys research) A. emerged mid-1800s: when social observers began use sci meth to test ideas B. grew from begin indus rev: soc upheaval breaking ties to land/cult of ready answers 1. tradition: which had provided the answers to life, could no longer be counted on C. Auguste Comte proposes positivism: observe/classify hum acts to find fund laws 1. armchair phil: drew conclusions from informal observations (not modern research)
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