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Introduction This course is designed as an introduction to the discipline of sociology. Sociology understands and explains human behaviors as a result of social and cultural contexts. Sociologists think that social and cultural contexts play more important role in shaping human behavior than do biological, psychological or economic factors. Although all these factors do play a part, sociologists concentrate on the social and cultural contexts. When sociologist talk about social and cultural contexts they usually have in mind four very broad socio-historical processes that characterize the contemporary societies: industrialization of economy, the growth of the bureaucratic systems of power, urbanization of population, and its worldwide growth. From the very beginnings of sociology in the middle of the 18th century,
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Unformatted text preview: sociologists tried to understand how these four socio-historical developments affect other human relationships, both in groups and as individuals and how individuals, in turn, shape some of these great social transformations. In this course you will learn about these fundamental processes of social change, about basic ideas of sociology, and about the names and ideas of the most prominent sociologists. Taken together all this makes up the vocabulary and the language of sociology, which this course introduces. The course us an introductory course and therefore does not seek to be comprehensive. It strives instead to introduce the basic concerns of sociologists. You may explore many other issues that sociologists are concerned with in the other courses in our department....
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