Perspectives on Deviance

Perspectives on Deviance - Perspectives on Deviance An...

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Perspectives on Deviance An absolutists would probably fall among the 1 in 4 who feel that abortion is always wrong, because it is an unacceptable act. A normative individual would consider the circumstances (rape, incest, diagnoses, or health of mother) while a reactive would consider the legality of abortion. In every society when deviance is considered it is most often controlled. Social Control is formal and informal attempts at enforcing norms. There are a few basic concepts that help to understand social control. The Pluralistic Theory of Social Control claims that society is made up of many competing groups whose diverse interests are continuously balanced. Social Order is the customary and typical social arrangements which society's members use to base their daily lives on. Control is easier if attachments, commitment, involvement, and beliefs are stronger. Attachments: strong social mutual bonds that encourage society's members to conform Commitment: the stronger our loyalty to legitimate opportunity, the greater the advantages of conforming Involvement: the more a person participates in legitimate activities, the greater the inhibition towards deviance Belief: strong understanding in values of conventional morality promote conformity Society’s members use informal and formal sanctions to reinforce control efforts. Negative Sanctions are punishments or negative reactions toward deviance. Positive Sanctions are rewards for conforming behavior (see Table 2). Table 2. Types of Groups and Their Sanctions
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Perspectives on Deviance - Perspectives on Deviance An...

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