Religious Tolerance

Religious Tolerance - Religious Tolerance Believe it or...

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Religious Tolerance Believe it or not, we don't have to all believe in the same way and people who believe differently from you probably do so as passionately as you do with your beliefs. Finding common ground takes more effort, but sustains the process of open-minded, non-prejudiced treatment of others of different religions. Figure 3 shows a photograph of one of my favorite books. Written by Jeffrey Moses, "Oneness: Great Principles Shared By All Religions" and forwarded by Mother Theresa, this is truly a work of bridge-building between believers. In it Mr. Moses describes common beliefs and values which are articulated in the core doctrines and scriptures of many of the world and US religions. "Honor thy father and mother, be good to those around you, it is better to give than receive, and respect the elderly in your life" are just a few examples of common teachings from many diverse religions found in the book. Figure 3. A "Common Ground" Approach to Other Religions by Jeffrey Moses To take such an open-minded stance requires a concerted effort on our part. To be able to feel secure enough in our own beliefs to find acceptance in the beliefs others have takes devotion to
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Religious Tolerance - Religious Tolerance Believe it or...

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