What About Men - What About Men? In the past two decades a...

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What About Men? In the past two decades a social movement referred to as The Men’s Movement has emerged. The Men's Movement is a broad effort across societies and the world to improve the quality of life and family-related rights of men. Since the Industrial Revolution, men have been emotionally exiled from their families and close relationships. They have become the human piece of the factory machinery (or computer technology in our day) that forced them to disconnect from their most intimate relationships and to become money-acquisition units rather than emotionally powerful pillars of their families. Many in this line of thought attribute higher suicide rates, death rates, accident rates, substance abuse problems, and other challenges in the lives of modern men directly to the broad social process of post-industrial breadwinning. Not only did the Industrial Revolution’s changes hurt men, but the current masculine role is viewed by many as being oppressive to men, women, and children. Today a man is more likely to kill or be killed, to abuse, and to oppress others. Table 5 lists some of the issues of concern for those in the Men’s Movement. Table 5: Concerns in the Men’s Movement 1. Life and health challenges 2. Emotional isolation 3. Sexual research and rights 4. Post-divorce/separation father’s rights 5. False sex or physical abuse allegations 6. Early education challenges for boys 7. Declining college attendance 8. Protection from domestic abuse 9. Man-hating or bashing 10. Lack of support for fatherhood 11. Paternal rights and abortion 12. Affirmative action-sex and race The list of concerns displays the quality of life issues mixed in with specific legal and civil rights concerns. Mens Movement sympathizers would most likely promote or support equality of rights for men and women. They are aware of the Male Supremacy Model, when males erroneously believe that men are superior in all aspects of life and that should excel in everything they do. They also concerns themselves with the Sexual Objectification of Women which is when men
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What About Men - What About Men? In the past two decades a...

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